Unity and Friendship have Great Power – Short story for preschool kids

Unity and Friendship have Great Power - Short story for preschool kidsUnity and Friendship have Great Power Short story for preschool kids

This story is about a great forest. It was a beautiful rain forest. It contained a wide diversity of living beings. Animals used to live in their tribes. This story is about two wilder beasts. Both of them belonged to different tribes. These two tribes were in rivalry from many years.

Both the tribes lived in same locality. They had to share many resources. There was only one fresh water stream in that area so they had to share that too. Each of the tribe wanted to take hold over the water resource. Animals of both tribes fought daily. Each of them wanted to drink water first. During these fights, many animals died and lost their lives.

During summer, the weather became very hot. With each passing day, temperature was rising. Animals frequently came to drink water on the stream. All the tribes of animals live with peace except wilder beasts. They continued to fight.

On a hot summer morning, two wilder beasts came to the stream. Both of them belonged to opposite tribes. They hated each other too much. Each of them wanted to drink water first. They stayed on the stream for two hours but none of them was ready to give up.

At last, the sun started setting in the west. Both wilder beasts were very thirsty. They looked each other with anger. One wilder beast attacked on the other. Both of them fought for many hours until they become very injured. Both of them had got many wounds. Their wounds were bleeding severely.

Both of them got very tired. They stopped fighting in order to take rest. Many vultures got gathered on the spot. Wilder beasts heard their screams. In no time, more vultures also came there. They were looking on both wilder beasts with their longing eyes. They were waiting for the death of two animals.

One wilder beast came near the other. It told the other animal that in this way they will lose their lives. Both of them never wanted to die. They decided to stop quarrelling. One wilder beast said to the other that these vultures are smaller than us. Moreover, he said that they have power only because of their unity. Both of them belonged to same species of animals. They decided that they will not fight in the future.

Both of them became good friends. They drank the water. After this, they returned to their tribes. They told their stories to the tribe. Next day, heads of both tribes meat with each other. They decided to live together in the future. In this way, both the tribes started living happily. They soon flourished and became most powerful animals in the whole forest. After this, they shared water resource without fighting.

This story gives the moral lesson that unity is a great power. If both wilder beasts continued their fights, they would be dead. Friendship is better than hating. Hating someone is not a difficult task. Forgiving and becoming friend needs courage.

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