Tips for parents – kids lunchbox recipe ideas

Tips for parents  - kids lunchbox recipe ideas Tips for parents  – kids lunchbox recipe ideas

Healthy food is very important for the kids. For the healthy growth of body, kids need food that provide them maximum amount of energy and health. There are many food recipes that children can try for preparing their own meal. Whole week, you eat lunch prepared by others but kids! You can make your own lunch especially on weekends when you have a holiday from school. Sandwiches can be very tasty and healthy lunch. Children like colorful things therefore carrot, onion, cucumber and tomato can be used to make sandwich more colorful. To make a good sandwich just take a few things. Take two slices of sandwich bread and put a piece of lettuce leaf on top of a piece of bread. Now take a slice of bologna and place it over lettuce leaf. You can make face of the sandwich. Take two pieces of pickle and put them on the surface of bologna slice. Now take an olive and cut it in half, place two pieces of olive over pickle slice, they will make eyeball of sandwich. Take a tomato and from top to bottom cut it into half. For making nose of sandwich, take carrot and cut about two inches long piece of it and place it as a nose. Now take one half and cut a rounded triangle shaped slice of tomato and place it on the sandwich as a mouth. The fresh green cucumber can be used to make ears. Take two slices of cucumber and put them on the place of ears. Finally put the other slice of bread on top of it to cover the face. Your colorful, healthy and happy face sandwich is ready to eat in lunch.

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