Tips for Overweight Kids to lose Weight

Tips for Overweight Kids to lose Weight

The awkward stage for child is being overweight. When child get more weight, he feel inadequate or uncomfortable and carry on nourishing those depressing feeling with extra food. When child grow old then his mind-set may twist to hopelessness as well as he may stay for whole life without any physical related activity that will make him unhealthy. It is the responsibility of parents to change their unhealthy cycle. When child is upset or sad, parents should not comfort them with food. Care, listening and kind words are all needs of child rather than treat or ice-cream. Parents should take attention on the behavior of child and not to call out the child but behavior. A child with overweight should avoid candies earlier than dinner. If you really want to reduce weight of your child then prevent the behavior without hurting the feelings of child.

Set an example for your child with your behavior. The children are apt to follow their parents. If parents eat healthy and exercise daily then your over weight child will also follow that routine. On the other hand if you eat junk, don’t expect your child not to ask for pizza and hamburgers. So be the role model your child can follow.

Serve healthy food in snack time. The secret to serving health snacks lies in keeping healthy foods such as apples and bananas on snack bar or center table. If your snack bar is stuffed with chips, chocolates and other high fat bakery items, the child is more likely to ask for them. In order to improve health of your child you will have to sacrifice your desire for these items. Serve only healthful items such as low fat yogurt and butter as toppings rather than their high calorie, high fat counter parts.

Parents should discuss the significance of exercise with their overweight kids. Scientists recommend exercise of an hour a day for child. Exercise will help to learn about physical activities which your child enjoys. Encourage your child for those activities that will develop interest in him such as bike riding, tag football or baseball, volleyball, soccer playing.Encourage your child for walking which is an easy way of exercise. The child may fulfill his daily need of exercise such as walk for two times per day, walking with his dog, or going for walk with his parents.

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