Teaching Children To Read And Write

Teaching Children To Read And WriteTeaching Children To Read And Write

When the child is shown different words or exposed to different aspects of conversation and literature, he gains the knowledge of reading and writing. To teach the child about reading and writing, it is essential that the child should be spoken the words from a particular language and he must be encouraged to have debates on different topics which are mainly of his interests. The names of things which are used on daily basis should be written in front of him at home or at schools so that they are easily recognizable. The books which are according to the age of the child should be made accessible without any difficulty and he must be given reading time in between his routine.

Teachers and parents must be an example for their child and read and write in front of them so that they also adopt this as a schedule. Adult participation is also very important as a child will start mimicking adults when he will see them reading and writing something. The first sign of child participation for reading and writing is he/she will imagine reading. Mostly, he will hold a book or simply go around the pages. Sometimes the child may also point some words while he is pretending to read. These are all initial signs of reading. Adults have to support this behavior and they can help by giving the child different types of books.

Parents and teachers can assist a child to write by writing some letters or words before the child. The child must be given paper, chalks, color pencils or any other means by which he is able to write. Children initially start writing by doing invented writing which may be as simple as scribbles and lines. This type of writing is the first sign of writing. Visually seeing the words also assist the child to write the words correctly. Adults should also appreciate repetition and daily practice of the words. These can greatly help the kid to read and write. Patience is another factor as all the children learn something new on their own pace and they cannot learn as adults can. Children can also discover to read and write through games, cartoons and puzzles. Tracing the words that are written by an adult can also help a child to read and write. A child first learns to read and then to write which means that if reading is encouraged, then only the child is able to write properly.


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