This story is about a young prince and Sage – kids bedtime stories

This story is about a young prince and Sage - kids bedtime storiesThis story is about a young prince and Sage – kids bedtime stories

This story is about a young prince. His name was Robert. The king was getting old. He announced Robert as a future king. King sent a sage to his young son. He wanted the sage to teach his son a good lesson. The sage came to the young price. He gave him a present. It was a set consisting of three dolls. This gift appeared strange to Robert. He was not a princess to receive such a girlish gift. Robert was not amused at all. He asked the sage that why he gave such a gift to him.

The sage smiled and said that this gift is for future king. This made the prince more shocked. In order to relieve his restlessness, sage told him that this gift is full of mystery. He told that it is not as simple as it appears to be.

The sage told Robert that there is a hole in the ear of each doll. This hole can only be seen, if look carefully. The prince did not understand. He was very unsure. The sage gave him a piece of string. After this he went away with the promise that he will come again.

Robert looked those dolls carefully. He saw little holes in their ears. He picked up the string and put it in to ear of first doll. The string came out from the other ear of that doll. The prince picked up second doll. He put the string in to its ear. It came out through its mouth. After this, prince picked up the third doll and passed the string in to its ear. This time, the string did not reappear.

Prince did not understand the worth of that toy. He could not find any type of mystery. He started waiting for the next day. Next day, the sage came to him. Robert told him what he had experienced last day. He also told that he could not found the reason behind it.

The sage told him that these three dolls actually represent three kinds of people. The first doll represents one type of person. If you tell anything to him, it will come out of his other ear. Such person does not retain anything.

He said that second doll represents second type of person. If you tell anything to him, he will tell it to someone else. They could not keep your secret.

Third doll represents third kind of person. Whatever you tell him never comes out. They locked up everything within themselves. The prince was amused now. He was listening to the sage with great interest.

He asked the sage, “What is the best type among these?” The sage gave him another doll. Prince put the string in to its ear and it came out from its other ear. The sage said to Robert to do it again. Robert repeated the same process. This time, the string came out through the mouth. When the process was repeated for the third time, the string did not come out.

Sage told Robert that this is the best type of person. If a man knows when to speak out, when not to listen and when to remain silent, he is really trustworthy.


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