This story is about a tiger and clever cat

This story is about a tiger and clever catThis story is about a tiger and clever cat

This story is about a tiger. He was not a skillful tiger. He made a lot of sound. When he reached near the prey, it ran away. He could not catch any prey. All the animals ran away.

The tiger was very upset because he could not walk silently. “All animals run away due to the noise. I will die with hunger”, thought the tiger.

The tiger sat below a tree. It saw a cat. The cat was aiming to attack a bird. She moved very quietly near the bird. She did not make any kind of noise. She could easily catch little animals.

The tiger wanted to be skillful just like cat. He was very upset that he makes a lot of noise. “She does not make any noise that is why she can capture animals easily”, the tiger thought.

The tiger decided to go to the cat. Next day, He went to the cat. “I cannot catch any animal”, said the tiger. The cat asked him for the reason. “I make a lot of noise. All the animals ran away. They become aware that I am coming towards them”, Said the tiger.

The cat said that he needs time to think about his problem. “Please come tomorrow and I will tell you what to do”, said the cat. After this, the tiger went away. He was anxiously waiting for the next day.

Next day, he again went to the cat. The cat welcomed him and told him that there is a plan. “What is the plan?” said the tiger.

The cat said that I will teach you how to walk silently but I have a condition. “What is it?” said the tiger. “You have to work for me for three days”, said the cat. The tiger agreed.

The tiger cleaned the house of cat daily. He got food for the cat. Moreover, he also washed her with his long tongue. He served him all the time.

One day a dog came there. The tiger threatened him. The dog ran away. The cat was very happy. She taught the tiger every day. The tiger learnt to catch animals quietly. They walked in the forest. The tiger caught many animals.

Next day, the tiger want the cat to teach something new. He had learnt to move quietly. The cat said that she did not know anything else. She allowed the tiger to go.

The tiger went back to the forest. He walked very quietly and caught animals. After this, he ate them. He thought that the cat was a very good teacher.

Once day the tiger was sitting behind tall grass. He was hungry. He saw a monkey. The tiger ran behind him. He ran very faster but the monkey jumped up. He climbed a tree. He sat on the top branch and laughed at the tiger.

“Where is your teacher?” asked the monkey. He told the tiger that his teacher did not learn him tree climbing. The tiger was very angry. He wanted to search the cat but he could not.

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