Story about Sandy and Her Kitten – Free Children Stories

Story about Sandy and Her Kitten - Free Children StoriesStory about Sandy and Her Kitten – Free Children Stories

Once, a girl lived with her family. Her name was sandy. She lived in a small town. She was moving with her family to a big city. Sandy was very excited. She always wanted to see the big city. “Sandy, stop jumping up and down. There is a lot of work to do. Go and pack your books and clothes”, said the mother.

Sandy’s mother brought a suitcase out of a room. She carried it and took it to the room of her daughter. She put it on the bed. Here is a suitcase. “You can pack your stuff in it like clothes, books, toys and shoes”, said her mother.

Sandy went to the cupboard. She took the clothes out and put them neatly. While she was doing this, her kitten jumped on her bed. Sandy loved her kitten very much. She looked at her kitten with her sad eyes.

Sandy packed all her books and garments in the suitcase. Her little kitten was playing on the ground. After that, Sandy had lunch with her mother. Sandy’s mother asked her about packing. She told that she had done the packing.

After taking lunch, Sandy cleaned all the saucers and plates. Meanwhile her father came with two men. All of them came in a big van.

Sandy’s father assisted those men. They carried chest, suitcases and boxes to the van. Sandy looked for the kitten. She looked in the kitchen but she could not find it. After this, she looked the kitten in her bed room. She looked in the backyard. She looked in the storeroom. She even looked on the roof but she could not find her kitten anywhere. She was very disturbed.

“Come on, Sandy!” shouted her father. “We are ready to go. Come quick.”

Sandy went near the van. Trunk, suitcases and boxes were all in the van. Her suitcase was on the top. Sandy wanted to take her kitten with her. Sandy went to her mother. “May we take the kitten with us?” she asked.

“No! We cannot take the kitten with us. I have told the neighbors. They will look after the kitten. But Sandy was very sad. She did not want to go without her little kitten. She stood behind the van. She was very upset. Her father was talking to two men. Her mother was saying goodbye to the neighbors. They asked them to look after their kitten.

Sandy heard a soft sound. Sandy looked at the luggage in the van. She saw a suitcase was moving. “Look! My suitcase is making noise and it is also moving”, shouted the Sandy.

One of the men took the suitcase out of the van. Sandy opened it. A little kitten jumped out of it. “My kitten wants to come with us. I will not go without it. I cannot leave it here. Please let me take it to the city”, said the Sandy.

Sandy’s mother and father looked at each other and laughed. They allowed Sandy to take her kitten. Sandy was very happy. Her kitten was also happy.


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