Story of a cat named Archie – Short stories for kids

Story of a cat named Archie - Short stories for kidsA Story about a cat name Archie

That was an ordinary day in the pet shop, when Archie and three his sisters were born. He was a black kitten and his sisters, on the contrary, were white. Their mother watched them as they grew up and noticed that Archie spent more time alone while his sisters were playing. He sat in the corner and gazed at children passing by. His eyes of different colors shone with anticipation.

A month passed. Archie’s sisters found their new homes a week ago and Archie was still sitting in the corner with his blue-yellow wide-open eyes. His mother was afraid that Archie couldn’t accept himself the way he was, as he differed from his sisters. She looked at him with all the love she had in her heart and licked him gently.

It seemed that Archie was waiting for someone special to come in his life, but days passed, he was getting more and more worried and upset. He thought that he would never find his own home, as he had black fur and eyes of different colors.

Friday came and the door of the pet shop opened, when Archie was having an afternoon nap. Archie woke up and saw a boy who was bending over him. They were looking at each other and seemed delighted. The little kitten meowed at the boy as if he wanted to say, “Where have you been for so long?” The boy exclaimed, “I’ve finally found you!”

At that moment, Archie understood that even though he differed from other kittens, he could be happy. The kitten with the magical eyes found his home, his friend, and taught to accept himself the way he was.

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