Story of a Brave Girl – Short stories for kids

Story of a Brave Girl - Short stories for kidsStory of a Brave Girl

Once, there was a young girl. Her name was Marry. She lived with her father and mother in a small village. Those were days of summer. It was very hot.

One hot morning, Marry went out of her house. She walked in her orchid. After that, Marry sat on a rock. The rock was on the side of a hill. She was looking after her father’s sheep and goats.

Marry was chewing a long stick of sugar-cane. She was sitting on a rock so she could see sheep and goats from that place. They were eating leaves of some thorn bushes. Marry could also see the village. She could see her small hut. The men and women were working in their fields. Marry could see and hear them. They were laughing, talking and working.

Marry closed her eyes. She listened to the happy sounds around her. Suddenly, she could smell smoke. Something was burning around!

Marry opened her eyes. She saw a big, black cloud of smoke. The smoke was coming from a hut in the village. An old man lived in that hut. She stood up quickly. Marry ran towards the village. On the way, she shouted for the help. “Please help, the village is burning”, she shouted.

Men and women working in the field heard Marry. They left their work and ran towards village. Marry went to the burning hut. When she reached that hut, she ran inside. She saw someone lying on the floor. The smoke was very thick inside the hut. It was an old man. He was lying on the floor.

Marry went to the old man. She took hold of his arm. The old man was very terrified. She tried to pull the old man but the old man was very heavy. Marry could not drag him. She went out of the hut. The men and women were coming towards the hut.

“Please hurry up, an old man is inside”, she shouted. Few men entered the hut. A strong man picked the old man up. He carried him and brought him outside of the hut.

After saving the old man, they brought buckets full of water. They soon put out the fire. The old man was not hurt at all. Moreover, his house was also saved.

In the evening, the headman of the village spoke to the village. He told them that Marry is a little but very brave girl. She saved the life of an old man.

The old man said few words. He thanked the villagers for putting out the fire. He also thanked Marry. He gave her a big bag of peanuts and a bundle of sugar-cane. Marry thanked the old man for the gift and his graciousness.

Marry was very happy. Her father and mother were also very happy. They smiled and looked at their brave daughter. Marry hide her face behind her hands. She smiled too. She became the most famous girl in the village. Villagers praised her and they were very impressed of that little girl.

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