Stories for Children: Scout the Dog

Stories for Children: Scout the Dog Stories for Children: Scout the Dog

Scout the dog loved to bury bones. Scout the dog loved to bury toys. Scout the dog loved to bury anything he could find to put in his mouth.

Scout loved his family. They always fed him big bowls of sloppy dog food.  One Christmas he even got the biggest chew toy ever! He buried it the next day.

His owners had a little boy who always played with Scout.  One day, the little boy left his favorite stuffed bear outside in the grass. Of course, Scout found it and took it to his dog house. He didn’t know where he was going to bury this new treasure.

Then he heard the crying. What was wrong? He snuggled next to the stuffed bear and watched the mommy and daddy walk out into the backyard. They were looking for something.  Then the little boy stumbled outside crying. Scout started whimpering. He was sad, too.

He wanted to help but didn’t know how.  He grabbed the bear with his teeth because he didn’t want to leave his new prize alone. He came out of his doghouse and ran to the little boy.  The little boys squealed and took the bear from Scout. Mommy and Daddy were so excited they scratched the back of Scout’s ears. He loved that. But now he had no toy.

Everyone went inside. Scout was left all alone.  Then he heard Daddy call his name. Scout turned to see… a big steak with a bone!


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