Stories for Children: Bonnie the Black Cat

Stories for Children: Bonnie the Black CatStories for Children: Bonnie the Black Cat

Bonnie the black cat strolled through the streets of her neighborhood. She had just been adopted from the shelter and she was so excited to finally have a real home.  When her owner wasn’t looking, she had crawled out the window and onto a tree limb. Now she was excited to be going out to meet her new neighbors.

As she strolled down the sidewalk, she looked up to see two little girls coming her way. Bonnie meowed. The two girls saw her and screamed. They ran across the road to the sidewalk across the road.  Bonnie got scared that something was behind her. Bonnie looked all over, but she didn’t see whatever it was.

So Bonnie kept walking. Next she heard a noise to her left. She looked over to see a man coming out of his house. He was going to get his mail…that is until he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Bonnie was rubbing her back against the mailbox waiting to say hi to the man. But the funny man turned around and quickly walked to his front door and in he went.

Bonnie was so confused. Why were people afraid of her? Then she remembered what the lady at the shelter said. There was something about people being scared of black cats. She said no one would ever adopt Bonnie because they believed old stories about witches and bad luck.  Well, she was wrong. Bonnie was adopted, so there!

Bonnie went home a little sad. She crawled up the tree and into the window.

“Is that you, Bonnie?” her owner called.  Bonnie meowed.  Her owner used her hands to feel her way to the window and picked up Bonnie.

“My beautiful girl,” the little blind girl said.

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