Safety Concerns For Child Health

Safety Concerns For Child HealthSafety Concerns For Child Health

Safety issues for the young children must lie at the forefront for the parents. In the absence of the safety concerns, not just the health of the children but also the life is at danger. There are many cases that have revealed that lack of attention and safety care from the parents or guardians have caused the life of the children vulnerable to death. Thus, it is very much necessary to introduce the basic safety knowledge to the child and monitor the activities of the child closely in order to avoid such harmful activities in future. Proper invigilation is the only way that keeps the child safe and healthy within or outside the home premises.

In summer time, many children get attracted towards swimming pools due to the hot temperatures. However, this time period is the most vital for the parents to be vigilant as there are great chances for the children to get drowned or meet any other accident. It could be the worst situation if any parent loses their child in this way. Many tragedies have occurred during the last few years in U.S. and for the future safety concerns, fences around the pool have been installed with the locking gates.

Other area where parents should be cautious is the paint that is used in the toys. There are many international toy companies that use lead in making toys, thus, making the life of the kids in danger. In U.S. the use of lead is completely banned as paint for the toys but still there are many different countries that have not banned the lead and are using it without any restriction. They are unaware about the harmful effects and use this material because of its low cost. Moreover, the same lead material is used in the plastic for making toys. The inclusion of the material makes the plastic more flexible with high durability towards heat. However, the real danger arises when the lead gets in contact with the detergents. It causes the formation of a powdery dust that can be easily inhaled by the kids resulting in respiratory issues and other problems.

Recently, DIY kits are available in the shops that are mainly constituted to test the level of lead present in any item. However, such kits are not the reliable source of measuring the lead particles and only the laboratory test is reliable to reveal the level of lead in toys, paints or even plastic materials.

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