Do not sacrifice your freedom – Short stories for kids

Do not sacrifice your freedom - Short stories for kidsDo not sacrifice your freedom

There was a wolf. He was very hungry. He was wandering all over the place in the search of food. During his search, he passed by a small village. He saw a stout dog there. The dog was very healthy. He was strong and physically fit. Both dog and wolf became good friends.

The wolf looked very lean. His condition was miserable. The dog observed miserable condition of the wolf. The wolf looked starved and thin. The dog asked the wolf to join him. He told the wolf that he guards the house of his master. He assured that in return the master would feed him. He told that the food is very good and he will become healthy in few days.

The wolf was very hungry. He accepted the offer of his new friend. “What kind of food you eat there”, asked the starving wolf. The master feeds me with different kind of meat such as beef, mutton and chicken. The wolf was very excited. He did not want to starve any more.

The wolf proceeded with the dog. Both of them started walking towards the master house. The dog asked the wolf about his life. “When I was healthy, I found many prey in a single day. I used to live with my tribe. All of us went to find the prey together”, said the wolf.

“Why you are alone now?” asked the dog. The wolf told that he got sick. All of his tribe migrated to some other place. The wolf was not able to move. He could not go with his tribe.

He told that the life is great in the forest. There are many streams of fresh water. Moreover, prey is available in abundance. There are many cool and dark caves in the forest. The dog was very excited. He asked the wolf that why he left that place. The wolf told his new friend that he was alone there. He came here to find a member of his tribe.

Suddenly, the wolf noticed a mark. This mark was present around the neck of the dog. The wolf asked the dog about that mark. The dog tried to avoid that issue. He did not want to answer the question of wolf. The wolf tried to insist. On the insistence of the wolf, the dog had to reveal the truth. He told the wolf that this is mark of leather strap.

The wolf had not heard about such a strap. He asked the dog about the purpose of that strap. The dog told that his mater usually put a collar around his neck. He put the collar in the day time, so that the dog might not wander about.

When the wolf heard this, he was horrified. “You live the life of a slave. You are not even free to move”, said the wolf. The wolf thanked him for his offer. He told him that he could not sacrifice his freedom for food. He thanked his new friend and said goodbye to him. After this the wolf ran back to the forest.

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