Nature is Perfect – Short stories for kids

Nature is Perfect - Short stories for kidsNature is Perfect

Once, there was a merchant. He sold goods in the nearby market. He earned a lot of money. He had very good reputation in the market. He was an honest person.

One day, he went to the market in order to sale goods. He earned a good profit. He was very happy. He was returning to his village. He was happy that he got return of his hard work.

He was passing through the jungle. Suddenly, the sky became cloud capped. There was a rainstorm. He could not complete his journey. He had to reach his village as early as possible. He was very worried. He stood under a tree and took refuge from the rain.

He was very unhappy with the nature. He scolded it. “Rain disturbed my entire journey. What will I do now?” he thought. He was very upset. He scolded the nature for this untimely rain. “This rain is not in my favor at all”, he thought in great despair.

The forest was not safe place to stay. There were lots of robbers in the forest. The storm remained continued for the long time. At last the rain stopped. There was water all around. He decided to resume his journey.

When he moved ahead, some robbers came there. They blocked his way. They had loaded guns. The merchant was very worried. It was his bad day. They ordered him to hand over all his money. The merchant did not want to give his money. He earned this money with hard work. He was very upset.

The merchant refused to give money. The robbers threatened him. They showed gun to the merchant. The merchant did not want to get shot. He did not want to die in despair in that dark forest.

“Handover your money, otherwise I will shoot you”, one of the robbers said. The merchant had only one option left. He decided to take the risk. He ran away as fast as he could.

The robbers fired at him. Luckily, their pistols did not work. The gun powder became wet due to the rain. As a result of this, their guns did not work.

The merchant succeeded in running away from the forest. He reached his village and at last he reached his house safe and sound. He was very happy that nature saved his life. Although the rain created trouble for him but it saved his life. His money was also saved.

When the merchant reached his home, his family was very worried. His wife cursed the rain that it made difficulty for her husband. At this, the merchant told him that this rain saved his life. Nature has just perfect timing. Nothing in the nature is untimely. The sun rises and sets at a proper time. The seed grew in to the plant at a specific time. Only after the rain, the rainbow spreads out. Flowers bloom in the spring. Leaves fall away in the autumn. In this way, the merchant and his family learnt that nature is just perfect.

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