Kindness is Great Virtue – Short stories for kindergarten kids

Kindness is Great Virtue - Short stories for kindergarten kidsKindness is Great Virtue – Short stories for kindergarten kids

It is a very old story. An old woman lived in her house. She lived alone in her little house. She made a beautiful garden in front of her house. It was her hobby to implant flowers in that garden. The old women loved her garden. She cared about it more than herself. One day she decided to grow tulip flowers in her garden. She implanted them with great care and love. After a few days, she got very adorable bed of tulips. Her garden looked beautiful.

One night, the old women heard whispering from her garden. She heard the voice of laughter from tulip flowers. First she thought it as a dream. But the voice was continuous. She went in to the garden. She could not found anything in the dark. The voice of singing was coming from her tulip bed. The old women came back. She decided to examine her garden in the morning.

Next morning, she got up early than before. She went to her garden in order to search. She examined the entire garden including tulip bed but she could not found anything. There was not any sign of intruder in the whole garden.

Next night, old women again heard same singing voices. She silently saw from the window. There was no one. She went in to the garden without making any sound. After some time she tried to notice the flower beds closely. She saw little fairies. They were singing and dancing on the tulip flowers.

The old women found that the bulb of tulip flower contain these fairies. All the fairies playing in the tulip flower just like a cradle. They were born in those colorful tulip flowers. The old women did not disturb them. She came back silently.

After this, the old women gave special care to the tulip bed. She watered all the tulip plants regularly. Moreover, she also added minerals to the soil. All this enhanced the growth of tulip flowers. The old lady never touched them after this. She prohibited the entry of all her neighbors in her garden. The tulip garden became most beautiful garden on the earth.

One day, the old women died. Her house was being occupied by strangers. They did not care for the delicate tulips. The coming strangers were not aware of the fairies that lived in those tulip flowers. They considered them ordinary flowers and did not care for them.

Nobody watered the tulip bed. All the flowers withered with the passage of time. The strangers planted crops in the garden. All the plants withered. Nothing would grow in that garden after that time.

Colorful tulip flowers grew on the grave of old women. Fairies dance and sang upon those flowers. The old woman was very kind to them. All the fairies loved her for her kindness and good virtue. Every day, they create a beautiful rainbow on her grave. During the life of old woman, her garden was most beautiful garden in the world. After her death, her grave was the most beautiful grave in the world.

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