Kids stories about The Old Man’s Garden

kids_storires_about_old_manKids stories about The Old Man’s Garden

Once, there was a beautiful garden. There were many trees and plants in it. All the trees were full of fruits and all the plants were full of flowers. This beautiful garden belonged to an old man. The old man lived alone in his garden. He did not allow anybody to enter in his garden.

Children used to play in front of his garden. They wanted to see and play in the garden. Old man did not like the kids. He shouted on them. He wanted them to go away from his garden. He built a wall around his garden. Now, no one can even see it from the outside. After few days, kids stopped coming there. They found some better place to play.

There was deep silence all around. The old man felt very alone. He was used to the noise made by little kids. He wanted kids to come back but he did not call them. With passing days, beauty of the garden started to decline. Even birds stopped coming to the silent garden. It seemed that all the beauty of garden become still. There was no fruit on the tree. Flowers stopped blooming in the garden.

One day, old man was sitting silently beneath a tree. A parrot came to the garden. It sat on the branch of that tree. The parrot asked him why his garden is so silent. The old man told him that he did not allowed the kids to enter in his garden. Now, no one even comes near the garden. The parrot advised him that he must go to the kids. Moreover, he said to the old man, “You must bring those little kids back to your garden”.

Old man went to the play ground. He called the children and invited them to play in his garden. No one wanted to come in his garden. They found a better play ground. That play ground had many fruit trees. They refused the old man. The old man was very sad. He felt much guilty on his fault. He returned back to his garden and started to cry. Meanwhile, he heard someone knocking the door of his garden. The old man opened the door. A little girl was standing at the door. The old man was very happy. He welcomed the girl to his garden. The girl played there.

In the evening, the old man noticed that flowers started to bloom again. It seemed that life has returned to the garden. Next day, many kids came there and played in the garden. Beauty of the garden was restored again. The old man was very glad. He thanked the little girl. Kids also loved the old man. They used to help him in taking care of the garden. They used to water the plants and trees with the old man.

Many birds now visit the garden. One day, the parrot again came. It saw that the garden has restored its beauty. Old man also thanked the parrot for his kind advice.


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