Kids Stories: Munchkin the Mouse Makes a Friend

Kids Stories: Munchkin the Mouse Makes a FriendKids Stories: Munchkin the Mouse Makes a Friend

Munchkin the mouse was so small.  He could fit into any hole in the wall. He was so light he could sneak through every house without being seen.  That was good because people always screamed when they saw them.  But it didn’t make Munchkin feel good.

Munchkin’s friends, Owl and Cat, told him it didn’t matter what people thought. They knew Munchkin was a good mouse. But it did matter. Munchkin knew people thought Owl was wise.  He knew people saw Cat as a cute and cuddly pet.

So Munchkin tried to hide from people. He hid in barns. He hid in the walls of houses where no one could see him. But anytime someone did see him, they still screamed, and this made Munchkin sad.

One day, while Munchkin was squeaking around a kitchen, a little boy jumped out of nowhere. He put a glass jar on top of Munchkin who was very scared. The little boy watched Munchkin run around in circles.

“It’s ok, little, mouse. I’m not going to hurt you. I want to be your friend.”

Munchkin stopped running. The boy wanted to be his friend?

“I promise to leave you cheese if you visit me.”

So Munchkin agreed. The boy let him go and always left Munchkin pieces of cheese every time he went to visit his new friend

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