Kids Stories: Lester the Lion Hears a Song

Kids Stories: Lester the Lion Hears a SongKids Stories: Lester the Lion Hears a Song

Lester the lion loved to hear his roar. He walked around the jungle roaring to the tree tops. This scared the birds and the monkeys, but it made Lester smile.  He felt very strong.

Once, Lester crawled very slowly behind the bushes. He sneaked up to Percy the puma who loved to nap in a tangle of tree limbs. Lester got right below where Percy lay dreaming. Then he let out a great ROOOOAR!! Percy jumped high up and then fell right out of his bed.

Lester had laughed and laughed, but Percy did not think Lester was funny. He thought Lester was very mean.

Today, Lester didn’t feel good. He had a cold, and he did not even feel good enough to roar. He crawled under a tree and curled up in a ball and waited to feel better.  While he was lying there, he heard the most beautiful sound.  A sweet song coming from the tree tops. A bird had dared to sing while Lester was around, but he was too sick to scare the bird.  Other birds joined in until it sounded like the whole jungle was singing.

That was when Lester learned a big lesson. His mighty roar was chasing away these beautiful songs. He laid there listening and smiled to himself.  From that day on, Lester never scared anyone for fun, but listened to the sounds of the jungle with respect.

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