Kids Short Stories About Selfish World

kids_short_stories_about_selfish_worldKids Short Stories About Selfish World

Once, there was a tiger. He was very hungry. The tiger was looking for the food. He was walking on a path. There was a hole in that path. That hole was big and deep. The tiger was looking up in to the air. It did not notice that hole. The tiger fell in to that hole.

He was very upset. He tried to jump out of that hole but it was very deep. He could not jump up to the ground. He growled and roared but he could not get out of it. He was crying for the help but there was no body to help him.

The tiger was anxiously roaming about in the hole. He wanted to get out. He was already very hungry. He knew that he would die there without food. He again cried for the help.

After sometime a young man came there. He came along the path. Suddenly he heard the voice of roaring. He heard cries of a tiger. The young man went near the hole. He looked down in the hole. There was a tiger, crying for the help.

The young man decided to help him. “I am alone here and I cannot get out of this hole”, said the tiger. “I will help you dear tiger. You don’t need to worry any more”, said the young man.

He wandered in that area to find something to help the tiger. He found a long tree branch across a path. He picked up that branch and came back towards the hole. The young man put that dried tree branch in to the hole. The tiger was very happy. He put one foot on the branch and tried to jump out of that hole but he could not. The young man helped him. He pulled the tiger out of that hole. At last, the tiger came out due to the efforts of young man.

“There you are. I saved you”, said the young man. “And there you are. I am very hungry”, said the tiger. “What?” the young man said in great surprise. “I am going to eat you. I cannot stay hungry and starved anymore”, said the tiger.

“You cannot kill me. I saved your life. I knew that you are a flesh eater animal but still I saved you. You should thank me for this favor”, said the young man.

“But I am hungry. What should I do? You helped me and I accept it. Thank you for your help but now I want to eat you”, said the tiger.

“I helped you. You cannot do this to me. It is not the right way”, said the young man.

“Let’s ask that banyan tree”, said the young man. That tree was very old. It lived there for many years. They went to the banyan tree.

“O banyan tree, listen to me”, said the young man. “I helped this tiger. I pulled him out of the hole and now he wanted to kill me”, he said to the banyan tree.

It happens in this world. Everyone is selfish here. People come here and sit in the shade of my branches but they break my branches. They steal my fruit.


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