Kids Short Simpson Learnt the Lesson

kids_short_simpson_learnt_the_lessonKids Short Simpson Learnt the Lesson

This story is about a little boy. His name was Simpson. He used to live in a small town with his mother. Simpson was not a bad boy. He used to help everyone in his town but he had a bad habit. He used to do stealing. His mother stopped him many times. She told Simpson that stealing is a bad habit and one day you will have to suffer. Simpson did not pay attention to the advice of his mother.

One day, he went to the market. He went to a book shop. He saw a story book there. The book was based on true stories. Simpson stole that book. He was much adept in stealing. Even the shopkeeper was not aware that his book has been stolen. Simpson brought that book to his home. His mother asked him about the book. In order to hide his robbery, Simpson had to lie. He lied that he had borrowed that book from a friend.

At night, Simpson read the book. There was a story about a kid. The story gave the moral that you must not steal anything. If you do badly to someone, one day you have to pay for it. Simpson felt fear in his heart. He decided that he will return the book tomorrow.

Next morning, he went to the shop. He wanted to return the book to the shop keeper but there was a fear in his heart. He feared that the shopkeeper might punish him for his sin. Due to this fear, he did not return the book. He came back home silently. For a week, he avoided any act of robbery.

One morning, Simpson got up. His mother asked him to go to the market. She wanted him to bring onion. His mother gave him money to bring the vegetable. Simpson left the home. When he reached the corner of his street, he saw an ice cream shop. Simpson wanted to have this ice cream at least from a month but he had no money to buy it.

Simpson went to the shop. He brought ice cream from the money that his mother gave him to buy the onions. He ate the ice cream and left the shop. Now he was very nervous. He went to the market. There he found onions on a shop. Simpson decided to steal them. He feared that if he will go without onions, his mother will scold him. He went to the onion shop and stole the onions.

It was his bad day. The shop keeper saw him when he was stealing. He took the boy to the judge. Judge gave him punishment to eat all the onions he had stolen and if he could not eat them, he has to pay for them. Simpson tried to eat the onions. He could hardly eat two onions. Tears started flowing from his eyes. Simpson learnt the lesson. He decided that he will always follow his mother. Moreover, he also decided that he will never do robbery again.

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