Kids health tip of the day

kids health tip of the dayKids health tip of the day

Just like trains, cars, and buses are of no use without fuel, our bodies cannot work without energy. Specially after awaking from night’s sleep, we have low energy levels. So, breakfast is very essential for health. You should take a lot of carbohydrates such as milk with cereal, yoghurt or fruit, bread or toast, and lean meats.

You should eat different variety of foods daily to make yourself healthy and strong. You must take 40 different types of nutrients like minerals and vitamins in your food every day. As all nutrients are not contained in one food, you should keep balance of your food daily.

Carbohydrate foods such as rice, cereals, pasta, bread and potatoes contain half the calories of your diet, so you should take at least one from these carbohydrates at each meal. In order to get extra fibers, try pasta, whole grain, and further cereals.

Vegetables and fruits come in very significant foods which give us sufficient minerals, vitamins, and fiber. We should take these fruits at least in 5 portions of a day. Such as, a fruit juice at breakfast, possibly two vegetables for each meal, and a banana and apple as cocktail snacks. Then you will reach to your total.

You should avoid from lots of fatty foods like fried meats, fried potatoes, pastries and sausages. These fatty foods are not good for your health. Even if some fats are necessary to obtain entire nutrients we require, it is good for our body when we don’t take these foods in large amount and get rid of balance. Hence, if you are eating lunch with high fats then you should take dinner with low fats at home.

Although you eat usual meals throughout the day, you still have times in which you can feel very hungry particularly when you are active physically. You can fill your gap by snacks, but not for a substitute for meals. There are many different snacks available for you. Your selection may be a small amount of dried or fresh fruits, yoghurt, vegetable sticks such as celery and carrots, rice crackers or nuts, or maybe a piece of bread or fruit loaf with cheese. On occasion, you may choose packet snacks and crisps, biscuits or a slice of cake, a chocolate piece. Any snack you have, keep in mind it is all the time better to take in different types to maintain your balance.

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