Kids Bedtime Stories: Nutty the Squirrel Loves Nuts

Kids Bedtime Stories: Nutty the Squirrel Loves NutsKids Bedtime Stories: Nutty the Squirrel Loves Nuts

Nutty the squirrel loved nuts. His real name was Chester, but everybody called him Nutty because he loved nuts so much. He spent all spring and summer collecting nuts. He picked up small round nuts with little hats called acorns. He cracked black and brown nuts with yummy brown insides called pecans. He would even sneak into Old Mr. Grumpy’s yard and take the round, wrinkly super hard nuts called walnuts.  Old Mr. Grumpy always chased him away with his cane.

Nutty didn’t care where those nuts were.  He would find them.  Sometimes the birds would fly by his home in the Big Maple Tree to tell him where there were more nuts. The birds like Nutty because he would bring sticks and grass for their nests.

One day, no one came by. Nutty ran down his tree to get more nuts. He looked around the yard where he lived.  He jumped over the fence and checked everywhere in Old Mr. Grumpy’s yard until Old Mr. Grumpy hollered and chased him away again.

He went to all the trees in the neighborhood, but there were no nuts at all.  The trees didn’t even have leaves! Nutty was scared. Did he take all the nuts in the world? It was getting colder, so Nutty went home.  He was very tired. He took a very long nap.

He woke up to eat the nuts he had in his house then went back to sleep. This happened over and over. One day, Nutty woke up and was not that tired.  He turned to eat, but there were not more nuts!  It was warm outside, so he peeked out and saw…all the nuts had come back! Nutty had slept through winter, and now it was time to start gathering nuts all over again.

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