Key Health Dangers for Child

Key Health Dangers for ChildKey Health Dangers for Child

In the year 2011, about 6.9 million kids have died below the age of 5 years – which makes about 800 children in each hour. Many children can survive intimidations and prosper with the simple first aid and medications that are also highly affordable. The infant mortality rate is much high during the first month. Infant deaths are mostly associated with some physiological conditions such as preterm birth, the incidence of birth asphyxia and the common infections. These all health problems can be decreased by:

  • Extreme quality and good care during the pregnancy period.

  • Hygienic care and safe labor which is done be a highly skilled obstetrician

  • Excellent neonatal care which means prompt attention should be given to any breathing changes, sterile cord and good skin care, and quick beginning of breast feeding.

From the age of one month to the age of 5 years, the chief reasons for the death of infants are pneumonia, infant diarrhea, common malaria and common measles. Apart from other diseases, malnutrition serves as the cause of death in one third of children. Pneumonia is the chief reason for death in all those children whose age is below five years.

As far as the main risk factors are addressed, together with malnutrition and the usual indoor air pollution; prevention is necessary to avoid pneumonia, which is just as important as the vaccinations and the mother’s feed for the baby. Drugs such as antibiotics and the oxygen gas are essential things to successfully handle the illness. Diarrheal problems are a chief reason of illnesses and mortality in all the children of emergent countries. Mother’s feed assist to avert diarrhea in very young children. Management of diarrhea in children can be done with Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) along with zinc supplements. This treatment is harmless, cost-effective and has saved many people uptil now.

The incidence of malaria is quiet high and the infant death rate is about one child per minute. A good solution to this problem is to use the insecticide treated mosquito nets that protect the child and amplify the survival rate. The infants that are diagnosed with HIV, mostly have infection transmitted by their mothers. This disease can be treated by using drugs such as antiretroviral and hygienic delivery and breast feeding routines. WHO has suggested mother’s feed for infants during the initial six months of their life which can also stretch up to 2 years of age as it is the best remedy to avoid all these problems and has a long term protective impact on baby’s health.

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