Keep Your Environment Clean – Short stories for kids

Keep Your Environment Clean - Short stories for kidsKeep Your Environment Clean

Mr. Paul was a biologist. He was very an expert person in his field. He had two sons and a daughter. He taught his kids that biology is the core of life. He told his kids that biology is very important field. Kids of Mr. Paul were well aware of the importance of this field of study.

Mr. Paul was working in the field of environment conservation. Once, he took his family to the picnic. They went to the beach. After taking the lunch, Mr. Paul took his kids near the sea. Huge amount of waste was dumped there. Sea shore was much polluted. Mr. Paul was very sad. He told his kids that it is sanitary waste. Due to this waste, fishes and other sea creatures are dying.

Nick was younger son of Mr. Paul. He gave a wonderful suggestion. “We can clean the beach together”, said little Nick. Mr. Paul was very happy that his little son thinks like that. They made a plan that they will again come to the beach.

Next week the whole family was there. They brought huge shopping bags with them. Mr. Paul gave them hand gloves.” You must protect yourself from germs”, said Mr. Paul. They collected wrappers and other waste stuff from the beach. They could hardly clean small portion of it.

Mr. Paul told them that they require more people for the assistance. Next week, Mr. Paul went to the school of kids. He also took his team with him. School granted them permission that they can held a seminar. Mr. Paul himself presented the seminar.

He told kids about the importance of cleanliness. Moreover, he showed that pollution is dangerous for all living creatures. He showed pictures and videos. Kids saw waste dumped in huge amounts on the sea shore.

At the end there was a practical activity. He encouraged children that we have to clean our city. It is necessary for our own health too. All the kids participated in that activity as a volunteer.

The activity was planned for the next weekend. All the kids gathered at their school. Mr. Paul and his team took them to the sea shore. They gave plastic bags and hand gloves to the children.

In about five hours, the beach was looking much better. Kids learnt that they must not throw wrappers and other waste on the beach. “It is good to celebrate picnic at the beach but you must ensure that you are not destroying your resources”, said Mr. Paul.

Mr. Paul was very happy. He taught a good moral lesson to the children. After this, kids were given refreshment. They placed dust bins at the beach and fixed them. School authority also thanked Mr. Paul for educating their children.

After a week, Municipal committee decided to give awards to little kids. They gave shields and awards in order to encourage little children. Moreover, Mr. Paul was awarded with a gold medal.

Ideas come in the mind of each and every person. You must be practical as well. In this way, you can live a productive life.

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