Information about water for kids

information about water for kidsInformation about water for kids

Water is a very precious natural resource. Presence of water is essential for life on earth. Without water,
there would not be a single living being on our planet. Water exists in three different forms – in liquid
state in the form of water as we drink it, in sold state in the form of ice and in gaseous state in the form
of water vapors. The cloud that we see in the sky are actually a collection of huge amounts of water
vapors. That is why the rain always falls down from the clouds in the sky.
Human beings and animals drink water in order to stay alive. Plants use water in order to produce food.
More than half of human body is made up of water. If we do not drink clean water, we can become
sick. It is also very important to wash our hands before eating any food. Around 3 million people die
every year due to water and hygiene related diseases.
Water has got many other uses too. Water is used to grow crops. Fields are irrigated with water so that
different crops can grow. We also use water for washing purposes. Governments build big dams where
large amounts of water is stored and then electricity is made out of it. Cargo ships transport heavy
goods from one place to another through rivers, seas and oceans. In case of fire, water can be used to
blow it out.
It seems that we can have as much water as we want since water is available everywhere that we go.
However, this is not true for everyone. There are almost 800 million people in this world who do not
have access to an improved and clean drinking source of water. A five minute shower for an average
American takes more water than a person in poor country uses for a whole day. We should also be
careful the way we use water. It is a gift from God and we should use it wisely.


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