Friendship Is All About Caring – Short stories for kids

Friendship Is All About Caring - Short stories for kidsFriendship Is All About Caring

Once there was a little girl. Her name was Rose. She was an orphan girl. She used to live with her mother and a younger brother. Rose had a friend. Her name was Glory. Both of them were very close friends. . Glory belonged to a rich family. His father was a business man. Her house had every facility.

One day, Rose came to the house of her friend. Her friend was playing in her room. Glory was very happy. Rose asked the reason of her happiness. Glory told Rose that her uncle sent a present for her. She took Rose to her room. There was a beautiful doll house.

Rose was very surprised. She told her friend that her present is very beautiful. Both of them played with the doll house. After playing, Rose came back to her house. She was very quiet. Her mother asked her the reason of her silence. She did not tell her mother.

She could not sleep the whole night. She always wanted to have such a big doll house. She had seen it many times in her dream. She felt very sad.

I am an orphan girl. There is no one to fulfill my wishes. “My wishes will never be transformed in to the reality”, She thought. She started crying. Her mother got up. She came and sat on bed. She kissed her forehead. My dear daughter! Do not be sad. “God is always there to listen. You just need to pray”, said the mother. “My prayers are just futile. We do not have money to buy food even. How can we buy such a big doll house”, said the girl.

The mother told her that God will help her. She must keep on praying. Her mother had strong belief and willpower. After the death of her husband, she took the duty of her little kids. She was hopeful about the wish of her little princess. She was hopeful for better days.

After this, Rose did not want to go to her friend. In the late afternoon, Glory came to the Rose house. She was concerned about her friend. Glory asked her that why she did not come to her house. She waited a long for her.

Rose did not want to play with that doll house. It created a feeling of being deprived. She felt very sad that she is an orphan girl. Glory went out. Rose did not want to make her friend angry.

On her birthday, Glory did not come to wish her. Rose knew that her friend is angry. In the evening, Glory came with her parents. They brought a big present.

Rose was very happy that her friend came to wish her. When Rose opened the gift, it was a doll house. It was just similar to Glory’s doll house. Rose was very glad. She felt pride of her friend. She thanked her fully. “Things do not matter in friendship. Only happiness matters”, said the Glory. Rose hugged her.

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