Free online short story – Seek the Knowledge with Strong Passion

Free online short story - Seek the Knowledge with Strong Passion Free online short story – Seek the Knowledge with Strong Passion

An old man was going along muddy path. His destination was general bus stand. He was also carrying a bag. The old man could hardly move with that bag. He was also holding a walking stick in one hand. That stick was helping him to move.

The old man waited for the bus. When the bus reached at the bus stop, the old man moved towards it. He sat on the last seat of the bus. Moment later, a young boy entered the bus. He asked the old man to sit beside him. The old man granted him the permission.

The boy seemed to be a carefree young boy. He was dressed in school uniform. This clearly showed that he is a school boy. After sometime, the old man started conversation with the young boy. “Are you going to school?” asked the old man. “Yes! Unfortunately I am going to the school”, the boy replied.

There were very annoying expressions on the face of that boy. “Are not you happy with it”, the old man asked. “You are going to the school. You must be happy that your life is better than many other children of your age. They are not able to go to school. You are lucky that you are able to acquire knowledge”, the old man said with great enthusiasm. His voice was quivering but still it had a strong passion.

Young boy was surprised. “I do not want to go to the school. My parents want me to go there. They want to see me at some big post”, said the boy. “If you get educated, it is entirely for your own benefit. An educated person can better understand his surroundings. He can spend his life in better way as compared to some uneducated person”, said the old man. “You are travelling alone”, asked the young boy. “No!” the old man said with a deep smile. “My books are with me.

Whenever my books are with me, I never feel alone”, he added. Listening to the answer of that strange old man, the boy was shocked. “I never met someone, who has such kind of love for his book”, said the boy. He was really very surprised. “Where are you going?” asked the young boy. The old man told the boy that he is also going to the school.

The boy did not understand it. He asked the old man to explain it. The old man told him that he is a school teacher. Although he is very old now but still he loves to teach little kids. He was carrying many different types of books in his bag.

The old man opened the bag. He gave one book to the young boy. “It is your gift from my side”, said the old man. I hope after reading this book, you will understand the importance of knowledge and education. The boy took that book. Meanwhile, the bus stopped. The old man got up from his seat. He had reached his destination.

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