Free Children Stories – Alex – The Naughty Dog

Free Children Stories - Alex - The Naughty DogFree Children Stories – Alex – The Naughty Dog

There lived a naughty dog, called Alex. He played all day long and the number of pranks he had done were hard to count. He could trick somebody twice a day and other puppies started avoiding him.

Alex could still find somebody else to play his pranks on. Therefore, elderly dogs had become his objects for tricks. He had no respect either for the young puppies or for the elderly dogs. The days were passing and the other dogs in the town kept ignoring him. As they did not want to draw Alex’s attention, the dogs did everything possible to disappear once he showed up.

Alex grew up and didn’t change much. He still played his tricks on those who were not quick enough to escape from him. On getting older though, Alex noticed that his tricks became not that funny anymore. He tried to give up his jokes one day. However, nobody took it seriously. Other dogs had no respect for Alex and could not forget all the awkward things he made them experience.

A poor old dog, Alex, felt lonely, as he had nobody with whom he could share his regrets. He understood that if he had respect for other dogs when he was young, they would have returned it if they could. He decided to get everything fixed and asked all the dogs to gather, because he wanted to apologize. They gave Alex the last chance. Alex was so sincere in his apologies that he was completely forgiven and the old tricks never happened again.


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