Facts about Yak kids – Information about Yak

Facts about Yak kids – Information about Yak Facts about Yak kids – Information about Yak

Yak is a bovine with normally long hairs that is found all over the Himalaya regions of the South Central Asia. Most of the yaks are considered as the domesticated animals that are referred to as the Bos grunniens. Furthermore, a small population of yaks is also found to be vulnerable known as the Bos mutus.

Body features:
Wild yaks are considered as the largest bovid. They are also second to gaurs in their shoulder heights. The largest yaks are of the length of about 1.6 to 2.2 m. The length of body and head measures about 2.5 to 3.3 m exclusive of the tail. The length of tail is measured about 60 to 100 cm. their bodies have bulky and heavy frames, cloven rounded hooves and sturdy legs. Bodies are covered with long fur hanging down over their bellies.

Yaks are well adapted to life on high altitudes. Thus they have larger heart and lungs to help them adapt at high altitudes. In comparison to the cattle, yaks usually have large rumens. This allows them to use the greater quantities of food and ferment it at a time. Thus they extract more nutrients.

Contrary to the belief, yaks have little or even no odor with respect to their bodies or even their manure. This is because their wools are resistant to odor.

Yaks usually mate during the summer season. Gestation period is between 257 to 270 days. Their offspring are initially called as the calves which are not mature enough as the yaks.

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