Facts about Wren kids – Information about Wren

Facts about Wren kids – Information about Wren Facts about Wren kids – Information about Wren

Most of the wrens you might find are smaller in size and they are brown colored passerine birds. There are eighty species of wrens and they have almost twenty genera. These creatures are inconspicuous and they can sing and speak loud. They sing usually the complex songs that are difficult to understand and hear. The wrens are having short wings which are hardly found in most of the species. The wrens eat insects and therefore they are insectivorous. They eat spiders, insects and such small sized arthropods while some of their species might eat vegetables also.

Wrens are the medium sized and small sized birds. Eurasian wrens are considered as smallest birds among all the species of Wrens. The wrens range in different sizes and all of them do not look same. The minimum wrens found are having drab colors. Wrens look beautiful and some of their species look ugly due to their appearance and looks. Wrens have different colors and the wrens found in different areas have different features.

Wrens belong to new world family that is distributed all over in Canada and Alaska and in southern Argentina. Most of their species are found in Neotropics. Eurasian Wrens are found away from America and they are restricted in Asia, Northern Africa and Europe. All the species of wrens are found living in different kinds of habitats. Some of them live in dry regions, while some of them live in wooded countries in the rainforests.

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