Facts about Whale kids – Information about Whale

Facts about Whale kids – Information about Whale


Whales are the largest aquatic animals

Whale is given the common name to a variety of marine mammals belonging to the order Cetacea. Whale is referred to all cetaceans but it excludes porpoises and dolphins. Whales are the aquatic mammals that are found to be large and intelligent. These mammals have life adapted in open oceans. Similar to other mammals, whales breathing occur when air passes into their lungs. They have hairs that are found to be less than other mammals and in adults no hairs are found. Whales are the warm-blooded mammals because they have the ability for maintaining high temperature of their body. Whales nourish their young ones by mammary glands and whales have heart that is four-chambered. With respect to their size the biggest sized whale is called as blue whale which when grown have size about 94 feet long similar to the 9 story height of the building.

These are the enormous animals that can eat each day tiny krill approximately 4 tons. Adult blue whales are very dangerous especially to man because except man they found to have no predators. On the other hand the smallest whale found is named as dwarf sperm whale that when reaches to its adult position have size about 8.5 feet long. Whales attain their swimming because of their streamlined shape body. Killer whales and other short fin pilot whales have the fastest swimming speed about 30 miles calculated per hour. Each year whale’s migration occurs to some long distances although in the form of groups they also travel.

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