Facts about Weasel kids – Information about Weasel

Facts about Weasel kids – Information about Weasel Facts about Weasel kids – Information about Weasel

Weasels are active predator animals

Weasel is an animal belonging to Mustelidae family and forms genus named as Mustela. These animals are small in size having short legs and these are active predators that are slender and long. These mammals are much elongated and have slender bodies. They live mostly in northern areas and found all over the world except Australia, neighbouring islands and Antarctica. They have usually tube like bodies, flexible necks that are long, flattened heads and limbs that are short in size. The fur is present on their bodies that are short but it is very dense also having slim tail that is pointed toward its tip. Each foot have about five toes that are sharp containing curve claws. Many species are found of weasel that can be differentiated to one another because of their size, tail length, and their color.

Color of their body is brown containing under parts that are yellowish or whitish in their color. In winter season their coat color changes to white because they live in cold region. The use of their tail hairs enhance in the formation of paint brushes by the artists. The weasel found generally to do hunting alone and primarily they feed on voles, frogs, mice, rabbits, rats, birds and on their eggs. Both male and female measles are found as male measles during their mating mate with numerous females as not providing parental care. The widely and commonly distributed species found of weasel is called as stoat.

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