Facts about Walrus kids – Information about Walrus

Facts about Walrus kids – Information about Walrus Facts about Walrus kids – Information about Walrus

Walrus animal is highly populated throughout the North Pole

Walrus is a marine mammal having large flippers, short muzzle, small eyes, broad head, whiskers and tusks. This mammal is widely distributed around the North Pole in its subarctic areas and Arctic Ocean. Walrus two main species are recognized by the scientists that are Pacific walrus and another is Atlantic walrus. Walruses have brown color of their body. The locomotion is aided when they turn or move forward their hind flippers on the land. The flippers found on their above are much large each containing about five digits. Both female and male species are found as male containing unique air sacs that produces a bell- like sound. Large tusks are found in both female and male walrus that are being used for their defense activity, to get out from water and also used to cut through ice.

The size of tusks is different in both species as in male walrus it is about three feet long and in females it is long about two and half feet. In their diet walrus includes mussels, clams and other organisms that are bottom dwellers. These bottom dweller organisms are located by whiskers of walruses. Walrus’s reproduction occurs when their mating season arrives. Their mating season occurs between December and March. Walruses are highly populated and worldwide distributed about 250,000 animals. The pacific walruses have high populated number found to be more than 200,000. The walruses found in pacific area have greater number about more than 200,000. The gestation period is about 15-16 months.

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