Facts about Wallabies kids – Information about Wallabies

Facts about Wallabies kids – Information about Wallabies Facts about Wallabies kids – Information about Wallabies

Wallabies are analogous to larger kangaroo

Wallaby is an animal belonging to Macropodidae family having about thirty species. It is smaller animal than wallaroo or kangaroo and designated generally to use for macropod. Wallabies are found as members from the family of kangaroo clan. These animals are found in Australia and near to its islands. According to their habitat many species of wallaby are found which includes brush wallabies, shrub wallabies, and another is rock wallabies. The other kind is hare wallabies named on behalf of their size and by their behaviour as hare-like. All wallabies species found are called as pouched or marsupial mammals. These animals are born helpless, undeveloped and tiny. After birth these animals crawl to their mother’s pouches where their complete development occurs. Their development occurs and continues for about couple of months.

The young wallabies are named as joeys similarly to larger kangaroo as their cousins. When young joeys leave the pouch after their development occurs when dangerous situation they ever face again jump in back to their mother pouch. When size is viewed then these mammals are about small to medium sized but the large one found is about 6 feet. They jump to high distances due to their high speed because of having hind legs. When wallabies contact their predators or when the male wallabies fight with each other they use legs for delivering of powerful kicks. These marsupials have powerful tails that are large. The diet of wallabies is plants and grass as they are herbivores mammals.

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