Facts about Cat for kids – Interesting Information about Cat

Facts about Cat for kids - Interesting Information about CatFacts about Cat for kids – Interesting Information about Cat

We have both wild cats and domestic cats as well. It is a small mammal which is found in houses, buildings and wild areas.

Body feature:
Cats have a wide range of coloration which may be white, brown, black, yellowish, reddish and grayish. Domestic cats have usually thin body and long tail. Some breeds of cats have long fur on their body and tail. Wild cats have stronger body than domestic cats.

Senses of Cats:
Cats have remarkable sense of smell, hearing and vision. They have excellent vision in night. Cat use their sense of smell to find food and other members of its family. Cats have excellent memory. They detect the facial expressions and recognize the voices.

Cats are carnivores. Their teeth are specialized for tearing the flesh of other animals. However, cats also feed on other diet such as bread. They are hunter so they hunt rats usually.

Cats are very social in their behavior. Pet cats love their owners and express their love and affection by rubbing their face to the owner’s body or licking it. They also rub their face, body or tail on the walls and furniture. Wild cats have different behaviors. They mark their boundary or territory by urinating on the margins of theirs area.

Cats keep control over rodent population. Mostly they eat rats so in houses they play important role to kill rats. They make strong associations with human beings so they have gained more importance as pets.

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