Facts about Pigeon for kids – Interesting Information about Pigeon

Facts about Donkey for Pigeon - Interesting Information about PigeonFacts about Pigeon for kids – Interesting Information about Pigeon

Pigeon is beautiful bird with many colors. Pigeon is bird of love. Mostly pigeons are domesticated. They are found in gardens, parks and near human houses. Agricultural and rural areas provide habitat to pigeons. They have many species which differ from each other in appearance. They also make nests in trees and live in it.

Body features:
Pigeons have small heads. Their neck is short and body is stout and fleshy. Legs are short. They may be of various colors. Their color ranges from white, grayish to black. Their legs and feet are red colored. They have small round eyes and short pointed beak on head. It has wings for flying. On its wings beautiful feathers are present. Legs are used for walking on the ground.

Pigeons feed on seed and grains. It has a pouch like organ where all food is stored after eating.

Flight of pigeon is different from other birds. It flies by flapping its wings very quickly and continuously. It can fly straightly above to the height.

Nest of pigeon is made up of straws, feathers and twigs of trees. Female pigeon lays eggs in the nest and cares for the eggs. After the eggs hatch, it bring food for its young ones.

In history, pigeon played very important role of communication. In ancient times, when there were no means of communication, people used to end their letters through pigeons. They tied the letter to the pigeon and send it. It has also been hunted for eating it.

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