Facts about Frog for kids – Interesting Information about Frog

Facts about Donkey for Frog - Interesting Information about FrogFacts about Frog for kids – Interesting Information about Frog

Frog is an amphibian which mean it spends some of its life in water and some on dry land. They are found near water places.

Frog is tailless animal. It have four legs. Hind legs are longer than front legs. Legs are used for jumping. Its skin is slimy and spotted. Some frogs have dry and rough skin. It has two large bulging eyes on side of its head. It has long sticky tongue which is used to capture insects. It has claws in its feet and claws have sticky membrane.

Frog mostly feed on insects, spiders and invertebrates. They use their long tongue to capture the prey. Their tongue is sticky. They chase the prey and when reach near to it suddenly they roll out their tongue. Insect or other prey is stuck with it then they roll in the prey. In jaws, it have teeth to grind the food.

Frogs spend their early life in water and later they live on land. Adult frogs lay eggs in water and larvae are produced from these eggs. Larvae of frogs are fish like elongated. Larvae grow in water and develop there. Larvae of frogs have tail which later finishes when it becomes adult. Adult frog live in damp places and they are active at night time. Frogs are active in summers when temperature is hot and moderate. In winters, frog hibernate in grounds or watery area.

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