Facts about Crow for Kids – Interesting Information about Crow

Facts about Donkey for Crow - Interesting Information about CrowFacts about Crow for Kids – Interesting Information about Crow

Crow is a bird with strong wings for flying. It has many species throughout the world. Some crows live near human houses and some live in wild. It is absent in south part of South America.



Body features:
Crow has strong wings which are used for flying. It has two legs for walking on the ground and roofs. On ground they search food by walking. It is grayish in color and strong black colored beak. It keeps its feathers neat by grooming it with its beak.

Crows are very social and they make nests in trees where they live with their families. They keep care of their families and care their young ones. Crows are known for their intelligence and mimicking ability. They have good memory. They sometime damage nests of other birds and kill their small young baby birds to eat them. they may also drop eggs from other birds nest. They protect their families and mark their territory. They do not let other birds to enter in their territory. They also have good sense to detect danger.

Crows are omnivores. They eat almost all kinds of food which include food remains by human beings, meat pieces and bread pieces. They also eat eggs of other birds. They go out to gather food and take food to the nest for their young ones. they eat insects as well.

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