Facts about buffalo kids – Information about buffalo

Facts about buffalo kids – Information about buffalo Facts about buffalo kids – Information about buffalo

Water buffalo have another name as “Indian buffalo”

Water buffalo is a large animal found in Indian subcontinent having another name called arni having two main forms as domestic and wild. Water buffalo is an Asian mammal also found in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and in Peninsular. Commonly water buffaloes are found in northern territory and usually these buffaloes as pets are kept. Water buffalo is given the common name as Indian buffalo and these buffaloes to Australia were introduced in 1800s. These water buffaloes produce milk and from milk many special products are made like yogurts and cheese. There is different species found as wild water buffalo and these species can interbreed with another water buffalo that is domestic. Wild water buffalo is huge animal and its size is about 3 meters long and its tallness is about 2 meters. Its weight is found about 1,200 kg and on another hand females weigh about two-third according to this size.

The hooves found in these water buffaloes are large and there are two joints flexible in nature. These joints are around the hooves which allow water buffaloes walking easily when passing during deep mud. Wild water buffalo have habitat in Southeast Asian forests and swamps. As they have forest habitat during night time mostly they feed on sedges and grass. At the day time in water they rest up through their nostrils. These buffaloes having fast and acute smell sense so that due to this they can easily perceive the predator. The gestation period found is about 10-11 months.

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