Croaky was a big lazy frog

Croaky was a big lazy frogCroaky was a big lazy frog.

He would sit by the pond all day and night doing nothing else but roll his eyes and croak. His fellow frogs would play, jump about, and race among themselves, but Croaky would not join them. He would just sit idle and eat all day long. This turned him into a very fat frog.

His friends would ask him to become a little active but he would not listen to them. One summer afternoon, a frog from the nearby lake came with the announcement that the lake frogs would be hosting a big feast for all the frogs in town and that the pond frogs were all invited as well.
He also said that there would be games and music at the feast. All the pond frogs got very excited to hear the news and everyone started to talk about how much fun it was going to be. For Croaky, the games and the fun did not matter much but the thought of so much food at the feast tempted him a lot and he could not wait for the day to come.
At the day of the feast, all of the pond frogs, including Croaky, started marching towards the lake. They were all very happy and were singing along the way when they saw a very big rock in front of them.

All the frogs started to jump up the rock except for Croaky because he was too fat and was not used to jump so high. Other frogs waited for some time for him to climb up but then moved on and poor Croaky had to return to the pond all alone and without having any food. Although he became very sad but he promised himself that he would no longer be a lazy frog and would become an active and playful frog.

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