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kids_storires_about_ratThe City Rat and the Village Rat – Children storybooks online free

This story is about rats. They were very close friend. One of the rats lived in the village while the other lived in a city. The village rat had his home in a paddy field. He lived in a small hole. This hole was present on one side of paddy field. The city rat lived in the kitchen of a house. He lived in a dark street. He made his hole in corner of kitchen.

One day, the city rat went out of the city. He was walking along a path. He reached the village. There he met his friend after many years. Both of them were very excited.

The village invited his friend to his house. “Where do you live?” asked the city rat. “My house is in that field”, said the village rat. He pointed toward the paddy field. The city rat thanked his friend for such kindness.

They walked across the paddy field. The house of village rat was wet and cold. The village rat brought lunch for his friend. He put some rice in the front of his friend. The city rat asked him about vegetables and meat.

“Where is the meat”, said the city rat. “I always eat rice with onions and vegetables”, he added. “There is no such kind of food my friend”, the village rat looked down.

The city rat invited him to his own house. He told him that his house is not wet. It is dry and warm. He also told his friend that he eats wide variety of food there.

“Come to my house and I will serve delicious food to you”, said the city rat. “What kind of delicious food. This rice is also very delicious”, said the village rat. At this the city rat laughed. He told his friend that he eats food such as sweets, cakes, bread, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and nuts.

The village rat was very excited. After few days, he came to city. He walked in to the dark street and reached the kitchen. There he found the house of his friend.

The city rat greeted his friend. “Dinner is ready for you”, he said with great joy. They climbed up on a big table. When the village rat looked at such wide variety of food, his eyes got wide. There were dishes full of meat, nuts, potatoes, bread, cakes, sweets and onions.

“Eat them my dear friend”, said the city rat. Before they could eat anything, they heard a noise. “Run!” said the city rat. They ran down to the corner hole.

The village rat asked him about this noise. “It was a man”, said the city rat. He told his friend that this house actually belongs to that man.

After the man went out, they again jumped on the table. Before they could eat, they again heard a noise. They ran away again.

“Keep quiet, otherwise he will kill us”, said the city rat. They could not eat anything. “Come tomorrow”, said the city rat.

“No never”, the village rat said. He ran away and reached his home in the paddy field. “Home at last!” he said with great pleasure. He ate rice and went to sleep.

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