Children’s short stories – Rain is Life

Children's short stories - Rain is LifeChildren’s short stories – Rain is Life

Once, there was a young boy. He liked to play in the playground. He played with his friends. He was very fond of bicycling. Every day, he went to the play ground. He enjoyed a lot, playing with his friends. He did not like the rain. His mother did not let him to go outside. After rain, the ground became full of water. He could not even play with his friends. Moreover, he could not do bicycling because road become very slippery. For all the reasons, that little boy did not like the rain.

One day, sky was cloud capped. It was about to rain. The boy was very unhappy. “I have to stay in door now”, he thought with great sadness. He could not play with his friends. His mother asked him the reason of his sadness. “I want that it never rains”, said the boy. His mother told him that rain is blessing of God and we must be thankful for it.

The boy did not listen to his mother advice. It kept on raining for two days. After that, there was a beautiful rainbow. Everything just looked like new. All the trees and plants were fresh. When the sun shone, the rain drops start sparkling. It seemed that even a single little flower is happy.

Little boy was also happy. He went to the play ground. There he met his friends. He told them that he missed them a lot. None of them disliked the rain. They enjoyed it as well.

The boy was not aware of the importance of rain. One day, it was very hot. Everyone was praying for the rain but it did not rain. There was no rain for at least two months. All the vegetation got dry. Tree leaves and plants started to die. There was not even a single flower.

Little boy was not upset but his family was very concerned. His father had a farm house. There were many cows and buffaloes in it. There was no water and food for them. Their milk production became very low. Moreover, they also got weak and thin. The father of little boy was very upset. Now, he realized the importance of rain. Without rain, earth got dry.

All the animals require water in order to survive. The boy could not go to the play ground. It was very hot there. Most of his friends were sick due to hot weather.

The boy felt very shameful. He prayed a lot for the rain. At last, it rained heavily. All the fields got green. Trees and plants now look better. The rain restored everything. His father was also relaxed now. Now water was available for all the animals. Flowers start blooming.

Little boy went to the play ground. He enjoyed a lot with his friends. They played and did bicycling. The little boy was also happy. He has realized the importance of rain. He found that every creation of God is useful and we must thank him for his blessing.


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