Children’s Bedtime Stories – Rick in the Chocolate Land

Rick in the Chocolate LandChildren’s Bedtime Stories – Rick in the Chocolate Land

Once, there was a boy. His name was Rick. Rick was fond of eating sweets. He loved to eat chocolates and candies. One day, he had tooth ache. His mother took him to the doctor. Doctor gave tablets in order to lighten his pain. He advised him that he must not consume any sugary food. In the evening, Rick asked his mother that he want to eat chocolates. His mother told him that he could not eat any sweet for the next three days.

Rick felt very hard to wait for the time when he will be able to eat sweets. At the night, the whole family got sleep. Rick got up silently from his bed. He went to the kitchen in order to get chocolates. He found four chocolates in wooden cabinet. He ate all of those and returned back to his bed without making sound. After this, Rick got sleep.

He saw a dream. In the dream he found himself at some strange place. It was a beautiful valley. There were huts made up of chocolate. All bridges were made up of bubble gum. In the stream, orange juice was flowing. Roof of huts were made up of ice cream. Rick was very excited.

He went near the stream. There were many colorful straws dipped in the orange juice. Rick tasted the orange juice with one of the straw. It was very tasty and sweet. Rick tried to find someone but there was no one in that strange land. Rick went near the huts. There was deep silence all around.

Rick suddenly felt hungry. He went near a small hut. It was a beautiful hut. All of its walls were made up of buttery chocolate. Rick broke a part of that wall. Before he could eat that piece of chocolate, he heard an old man cry. Suddenly, the door of hut got open. An old man came out. This hut belonged to him. He was very angry at the boy. He asked the boy that why he broke his house. Rick told him that he was very hungry and he did not know that this home belonged to someone. Hearing this, the old man said that he has made a Fault and he has to suffer now. Rick started to cry. He asked the old man for pardon. He even said that he will fix his house but the old man took him inside the hut. He locked him up in a room. Rick was weeping.

At the moment, he got awake. He was still crying. His mother was sitting beside him. She was very worried. She asked Rick that what has happened. At this Rick told her about his dream. He also told that he ate all the chocolates placed in the kitchen cabinet. At this, his mother was very angry. Rick asked his mother to forgive him.

After this, Rick did not eat any chocolate. His mother took him to the doctor. Doctor examined his teeth and told that they are recovering now. Rick promised his mother that he will always follow the advice of doctor.

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