Cherrie the Wild Duck – Short stories for kids

Cherrie the Wild Duck - Short stories for kidsCherrie the Wild Duck

Not far from a noisy city, there was a farm owned by a big close-knit family. The children helped their parents from the early morning until the late evening. Their father and two elder sons went hunting on weekends. That helped them to relax after a week full of hard work on the farm.

They went to the lake to hunt wild ducks, but they did not notice that their younger sister, Mary, followed them. She was hiding in the bushes. Mary noticed a duck with her little kids in the reeds. It was a wild duck Cherrie playing with her children. Mary tried to explain the bird that she should run away with her little kids, as her father and brothers were going to kill them. Cherrie knew that her children would not survive if they had to leave the lake. Therefore, she decided to stay in the reeds.

Mary ran away and tried to draw the hunters’ attention to the other place far away from Cherrie and her little cute ducklings. A little girl made noise by the millpond and the hunters made their way there. Half way to the millpond, Lucky started barking as the dog smelled the duck. When the hunters approached the duck’s nest, they saw the ducklings and Cherrie protecting her little children from them. Cherrie’s self-sacrifice was worth saving their life, so the hunters left the duck with her little ducklings and went home.

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