Bedtime Stories Sharing and Caring- Short Stories for Kids Online

story_about_sharing_and_caringBedtime Stories Sharing and Caring-  Short Stories for Kids Online

It is a story about a squirrel. Her name was Mini. She used to live with other squirrels.It was a big colony of squirrels. Most of them lived with their families. Mini was alone. She lost her family in a flood. It was month of October. All squirrels were busy in gathering food. They stored all the food to be used in the winter. In the winter, no food remained available.

Mini also gathered some food for her. After few days, she got sick. She was not able to walk. All the day, she remained in her burrow. She got thin with the passage of time. Mini was very worried for upcoming winter season. She knew it will be hard time for her. She was not sure even about her survival. Her condition got bitter with every passing day.

At last winter season came. All squirrels went underground. They have gathered enough food for this season. So, all of them were relaxed. Mini was very upset. She ate all the food she had. Now there was nothing to eat. She grew thinner. Mini did not have any option. She could not sit in her burrow any more. She did not want to die in despair. After much effort, she came out of her burrow. There was snow all around. Everything got frozen. There was not even a single nut.

Mini met a little bug there. The bug told her that he is head of his family. Mini told him the entire story. She told that she is about to die. Bug advised her to fight for her life. He told her that his family stays together. They help each other in the time of need. In this way, they solve their problems. He told her that family is very important. Mini told the bug that she is all alone. She had lost her family. Bug advised her to find someone to live with. Mini felt a ray of hope in her eyes. She thanked the bug for his nice advice.

Mini went to the mouth of neighboring burrow. She called for the help. Another squirrel came out. She took mini in to her burrow. She fed her with the nuts. Her name was Molly. Mini told Molly about her sickness and shortage of food. Molly was also alone. She told mini that she has gathered large amount of food. She wanted to share her food with someone. She welcomed Mini to live with her. Mini accepted her invitation. Both of them started living together.

In this way, Mini found the food as well as family. Molly found a good companion too. After winter, both of them used to live and play together. They learnt that sharing can enhance the enjoyment of everything. Life is incomplete without a fellow being. Moreover, Mini was very happy with the Molly. Molly helped her in the time of need.

Mini promised Molly that she will stay with her. She decided to help Molly at every step of their life.

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