Bedtime Stories for Kids: Granny the Oak Tree

Bedtime Stories for Kids: Granny the Oak TreeBedtime Stories for Kids: Granny the Oak Tree

Far away from noisy overpopulated cities, there was a small oak forest and the inhabitants of the surrounding lands called it the Oaksome. The trees there were so tall that they did not notice the animals leaving in the forest, and each of them considered itself the hub of the universe. Their arrogance made the lives of inhabitants of the forest unbearable. The trees didn’t want even to share the shadow of their leaves with those small creatures rushing here and there.

There was only one oak tree, the oldest one, which was friendly to the animals living in the forest. They called it Granny, as nobody could remember how old that oak tree was. Even the oak tree could not remember what his name was. Granny was so enormously big, that the shadow of his leaves covered all the meadow by the lake. His numerous branches were a home for many birds, squirrels and other creatures.

The other trees did not want to show how offended they were by so much of attention to the old oak. They gathered at a meeting and decided that they should share the attention with the old tree. The other oaks tried to be friendly with the animals in the woods. One by one they became homes for owls, squirrels and other birds and animals. They liked to share their shadow; it made their life full of joy and happiness. They understood that being arrogant made their life boring and they would never like the previous times to come back.


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