About elephants for kids with picture

About elephants for kids with picture About elephants for kids with picture

I am an elephant. I am proud of being one of the largest animals on the earth. Dear children! today I want to narrate my story. My name is Lucy. My original home is Jungle but one day when I was 15 years old, some people brought me to the city. In jungle, I was part of a large herd that kept on moving from one place to another in search of food and water. Elephants are wild animals that usually like to live in the form of big herds.

I am a big fat elephant. My color is grey, my trunk is long, and my ears are big like the sails of a boat. I have two big white teeth outgrown from my mouth but I don’t use them to chew my food. My teeth are also called white gold and poachers hunt jungle elephants to get their teeth.

When I was in jungle, I wandered in open places with my family but now I am in circus where I play tricks to make people happy. As I have a big body and air balloon like belly, I need a lot of food to get energy from. I am vegetarian therefore my food is bundle of grass, dozens of branches and bunch of bananas. I use my long trunk as my hand and use it to hold my food and carry water to my mouth. In different parts of the world, I serve human beings in a number of ways. Some people use me to carry, push and pull load while others ride on my back and get an aerial view of surrounding. Children also love to get a ride on my back.

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