A Wooden Bowl – Kids story for sunday school

A Wooden Bowl – Kids story for sunday schoolA Wooden Bowl – Kids story for sunday school

Once, there was a boy. He lived with his parents. His grandfather also lived with them. The boy was very close to his grandfather. He valued him a lot. The old man loved his grandson as well. With the time, his grandfather became very old. He could not move. The mother of boy did not respect the old man. She considered him just a burden.

The old man was a hardworking man. He did not want to depend on his son and daughter in law. He felt very sad. The boy felt very depressed. He loved his grandfather and he could not see him in pain. He felt sorry for the rude behavior of his mother. “You do not need to felt sorry”, said the old man. “Even my son is not loyal to me and he thinks that I am a burden on him”, the old man said with his eyes full. “Please do not be sad, I am with you dear grandfather”, the boy said. The old man kissed his forehead.

He was very happy that his grandson understands him. The boy took great care of his grandfather. Both of them went to long walk in the evening. The old man shared his great memories with the young boy. Moreover, he advised him at each and every level of his life.

The father of boy was a carpenter. He had his own shop. One day the boy went to his shop. His father was craving some pots. It was interesting for the boy. He looked very carefully.

One day, the old man was very sick. The boy was very worried. He went to his mother and asked for the medicine. His mother did not give him the money to buy medicines. The boy went to the market and brought medicine from his pocket money.

The boy brought medicine and gave them to his grandfather. The medicine cured his illness in few days. The old man prayed for the prosperity of his young grandson.

Time went on. One day, the mother of boy gave soup to the old man. The bowl got slipped from his hands. It broke into many pieces. The boy was not at home. His mother yelled at poor old man. She did not give food to the old man. The old man was very sad and depressed.

When the boy returned back, he found his grandfather in pathetic state. He felt very sad about this. Next day, he was working with wood. His parents came to him. “What are you making dear son?” said his mother. “I am making a wooden bowl and when you will become older, I will give you food in it”, the boy replied. His parents were very ashamed. They felt very embarrassed in the front of their son.

History repeats itself. You must be kind and affectionate to your elders. They spend their entire life, caring for you. You must be grateful to them.

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