Story about value of Friendship – Short stories for kids

Story about value of Friendship - Short stories for kidsStory about two Ants and their Friendship

The summer forest was not a place where one could be lazy. Everyone was busy with his or her daily duties and even the smallest ones were rushing here and there not just for fun. All the summer the inhabitants of the forest were preparing for the coming winter.

It had rained a bit before the sun got high in the sky and started sharing its warmth with the Summer forest. The two friends, Harry and Garry, left their anthill and watched the rainbow through the leaves. They saw it for the first time and were astonished at the brightness of different colors. Harry suggested to find where the rainbow came from and Barry agreed. The little ants went to the South as they thought the rainbow came from there.

On the half way to the rainbow, Barry stumbled over a small stone on the ground and hurt his leg badly. He couldn’t continue their adventure and told Harry to walk to the rainbow alone and tell him how it looked like. However, Harry could not leave his best friend and he helped him to get back to their anthill. When they got back, there was no rainbow in the sky anymore and the two little ants were upset. They were sitting on a fallen leaf and dreaming of the rainbow. Suddenly Barry looked at Harry and smiled, he understood that there was nothing in the world better than their friendship. Harry was thinking about the same at that moment. Helping a friend made him understand the value of true friendship, and he promised himself to keep it in his heart forever.

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