This story gives moral lesson – Do good and have good

This story gives moral lesson - Do good and have goodThis story gives moral lesson – Do good and have good

Once, there was a swarm of bees. They lived together in a hive. One year, there was shortage of food in that area. Due to this, all plants and vegetation just dried up. Many bees died due to scarcity of food. They decided to leave that place in order to find a better place.

They left their old hive and moved to a new place. Those were hot summer days. So, the bees chose to make their hive near a river. There was a big tree at the bank of the river. They construct their hive in that tree. A lot of food was available there. There were many juicy flowers.

There was a single queen in the hive. She assigned work to other bees. Moreover, she also checked their work. One day, it was very hot. Queen bee felt thirsty. She went to the bank of river in order to drink water. Meanwhile, it slipped and fell in to the water. Water carried the bee away. She was about to drown.

Luckily, a pigeon was sitting on the branch of nearby tree. It lived in its nest with two little nestlings. When she saw queen bee in the trouble, it flew towards the bee. The pigeon went to rescue little bee. It plucked a leaf from a tree. The pigeon flew towards the bee. It dropped the leaf near it. The queen bee mounted over the broad leaf. After drying its wings, bee flew away towards its hive. When queen bee reached the hive, it told the whole story to the other bees. All bees were very pleased. They wanted to thank the pigeon for its good deed. Days passed by.

One day, a hunter came to that area. He saw a beautiful pigeon sitting on a tree. The pigeon was sitting in the nest with its two little nestlings. He was aiming an arrow towards the pigeon. A bee was also sitting on that tree. It flew towards its hive. After reaching, the bee informed queen bee that pigeon is in danger. The queen bee said that now it is right time to thank pigeon for its good deed.

The pigeon was in great danger. It could not even fly away from its nest. The pigeon was very worried about its little nestlings. Meanwhile, queen bee ordered all the bees to attack the hunter. They assembled themselves in the form of a huge swarm. The whole swarm attacked the hunter. His arrow missed its aim.

The hunter came there in order to kill the pigeon but it had to run away. Pigeon was safe and sound. Its good deed saved its own life. The pigeon kissed its nestlings. It flew towards the hive and thanked the queen bee for saving its life.

This story gives moral lesson that we should always help each other. If we help someone in time of danger, only than we can expect that they will help us. Stories of animals are the sign of their sacrifice.

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